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Animal therapy consists on carrying out mediation activities which associate the animal with social, relational, sensory, motor and educational activities.

Its goal is to maintain or improve the cognitive, physical, psychosocial, emotional or educational potential of the beneficiary.

The proposed sessions are adapted according to the person's project determined with themselves and/or possibly the participants. The goal is to promote the development of autonomy and well-being of beneficiaries through the animal.

Animal mediation is therefore a relationship of help with preventive or therapeutic aims combining humans and animals.

Mediation is open to communities, professionals, medico-social establishments and also to individuals who feel the need.


    Individual session lasting approximately 1 hour: €35

    Collective session lasting 1h-1h30 (5 people max): from 80€


Sessions take place at home or in an establishment

Available from October 1, 2024

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