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What to wear ?


 Please arrive in a suitable outfit for the activity (non-exhaustive list):

  • Warm and waterproof clothing

  • Warm underwear

  • Hat, gloves

  • Warm shoes, high or low with gaiters

  • Warm socks (bring a spare pair)

  • Sunglasses / ski goggles and sunscreen adapted to altitude radiation

  • Water


We will refuse a poorly dressed participant

For self driving and  Cani-snowshoe:

Hiking shoes or snow boots mandatory, (NO Moon boots)

You need to bring your own snowshoes, we are NOT providing them (no need for poles)

Dry land

Appropriate walking outfit:

  • comfortable walking or hiking shoes with good grip (trail type)

  • clothing suitable for hiking (preferably covering the arms and legs)

  • water bottle  in a backpack

  • sunglasses

Kennel visit: Bring clothing that are claws and dog hair proof !

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